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About Rajalakshmi Charitable Trust (RCT)

Rajalakshmi Charitable Trust (RCT), a non-profit organization in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, was founded in 2011 with the noble purpose of caring for the destitute seniors and the under privileged students. The founders have realized their most cherished dream in “Vasantham Home for the Aged” by giving solace to the abandoned aged during the autumn of their lives. The Trust realizes the deep commitment and sense of responsibility this effort demands. The past decade has been anything but easy. From the 2015 Chennai floods, 2016 Vardha cyclone to the present covid-19 pandemic it has been a rough ride. However, we are truly grateful to the benevolence of philanthropists, well wishers and donors for helping us sail through these difficult times. It is a true blessing that despite these challenges, the Trust was able to overcome the limitations of a small rental premises by constructing its own senior citizen friendly facility which now comfortably houses the destitute old people. Besides running Vasantham Home, RCT also supports the rehabilitation of educational institutions that serve the poor and in educating the underprivileged students.

RCT Engagements at a Glance


Educational Support

Chennai, TN

During the last decade, the Trust has helped fund the education of many students from
underprivileged families. Further, the Trust has also undertaken the following projects:


  1. The rehabilitation of a Tribal Welfare School that was adversely affected during the Chennai floods in 2015 - Building the school compound wall was one of the major activities besides funding books, stationary, water purifier, water tank, deep cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchen and white wash of the entire school building.

  2. Renovation and set up of a Library and Enrichment Centre at Seva Samajam Children’s Home in 2016 - Building the enrichment activity hall and setting up the student library was one of the major activities of this renovation project.

  3. Sponsoring prizes for winners of the Annual Talent Promotion activities at Seva Samajam Children’s home commenced in 2016 and continues every year.

Covid 19 Support

Chennai, TN

The testing times during the pandemic has made life difficult for all but catastrophic for many. The Trust has been supporting many Covid affected families by sponsoring relief materials, food and basic needs. From working with other trusts that were set up for Covid relief work, to helping handicapped individuals affected severely by the pandemic, the Trust has been actively involved in reaching out to the needy.

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