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Rajalakshmi Charitable Trust

Rajalakshmi Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, was founded with the noble purpose of caring for the less privileged. The Trust realizes the deep commitment and sense of responsibility this effort demands. Having served in many charitable organization's for several years, the founders have realized their most cherished dream in “Vasantham Home for the aged” by giving solace to the destitute aged during the autumn of their lives. The trustees, volunteers and associated members of RCT believe that lives can be more purposeful, if we can make a change in that of the disadvantaged. Besides Vasantham home, the trust also supports education of under privileged students, rehabilitation and renovation of educational institutions catering to the underprivileged.

Our Team

  1. Mrs. Geetha Kumar - Founder Trustee

  2. Mr. Kumar Thittai Srinivasan - Managing Trustee

  3. Mr. Ramasubramaniam - Trustee

  4. Mrs. Anuradha P Ashok - Trustee

  5. Mr. Ashok Thittai Kumar - Trustee

  6. Mr. Arun Thittai Kumar - Trustee

  7. Mrs. Radhika Radhakrishnan - Administrative Manager

  8. Mr. Radhakrishnan - Public Relations

  9. Mr. R. Narayanan - Auditor

  10. Mrs. Latha Ramasubramaniam - Volunteer

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